Sudan: Pakistanis hold free medical camp in Kadala

Continuing to assist villages in need of medical help, UNMIS Pakistani contingent held a free clinic in Kadala-Mansura village near Ed Damazin on 16 November.

The 37th event of its kind, the camp covered the four Rosseries locality villages of Kadala, Mansura, Talooba and Shanisha, which have a combined population of about 4,000. Mainly shepherds by occupation, area inhabitants have few resources and their villages lack basic services like health, education and safe drinking water.

Health centres/dispensaries exist 10 kilometres away in Rosseries locality, but they have no specialists, requiring travel to Damazin town when one is needed.

Set up at Primary School Abdullah Jama Kadala, the medical camp was staffed by 12 doctors and equipped with registration desks, specialized departments, two pharmacies, dressing station/minor operation theatre, laboratory and electrocardiograph room. Sufficient drinking water was made available for patients and visitors.

The doctors treated some 1,543 patients for various ailments, including upper respiratory tract infections, diarrhoea, malaria, anaemia, dyspepsia, worm infestations, skin diseases and urinary tract infections. In addition, the Pakistanis handed out 300 different types of prescribed drugs to needy patients and advised them on health and hygiene.

Thanking the Pakistani contingent, school head Abdul Baqi said, "The Pak army is doing a great charity by establishing such camps in remote areas that have been deprived of medical assistances for so long."

Mansura village head Daffa Allah Umer added, "This one day free medical camp has given much required respite to the locals. Their genuine efforts and professional attitude have harnessed the energy and compassion of local populace."

As the event closed, UNMIS Damazin Commander Lieut. Col. Tanweer Hyder donated 12 chairs and two tables to Mr. Baqi for school staff. Lt. Col. Hyder distributed footballs to children attending the camp.