Sudan: Operation Mercy refugee camp schools

News and Press Release
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For only USD $5 a month you can help a child from Sudan.
The children in the displaced people's camps in Sudan have suffered from the effects of the war. They are in need of help, physically and emotionally. We run 6 schools, which provide education free of charge to the children, to give them a hope for the future. Physical, emotional and spiritual support is offered, in the form of food and medical care and stability. Helping them overcome the traumas of war, a thing so desperately needed in their lives.

The schools prevent the children from being destined to a life of begging or stealing whatever they can to survive. Malnourishment and sickness are a constant threat for many of these children, if there is no-one to help. Many of us have children that we love, whether it be our own, or relatives. If our children were in this desperate situation we would want someone to help. We cannot ignore the needs of these children; they have no one else to turn to but us. We have an urgent need of funds to continue to help them.

The staff, who care for the children, are displaced people themselves who have families to support. Without employment as teachers and support staff there would be a total of 167 families looking for some other means of income.

Also the families of the children who attend the schools are helped, with medical care, blankets, etc, indeed we would like to do more.

We need help with the funding of these schools. There are so many needs in the world, but also there are so many kind people willing to help, praise God! We are helping more than 2700 children in the schools. We need USD $13,700 per month to run the schools. This sounds a lot, however it is only USD $5 per child per month to provide education, food, and a stable, supportive environment. This is only USD $1.25 per week per child. Remember that this money not only provides for the children but for the staff as well! For so little you can make the world of difference to the life of a child.