Sudan: Nutritional surveys in Zalingei IDP camps and town, Jul/Aug 2005 - Preliminary results


A. Introduction

ACT/Caritas conducted 2 nutrition surveys in Zalingei in July/August 2005. The survey of the camps took place between 28th and 31st July and included all IDP camps surrounding Zalingei town - Hassa Hissa (including Shebab), Hamidya and Kamsa Dagaic. The town survey was conducted 2-5th August.

Main Objective:

To assess the nutritional status of the population.

Secondary Objectives:

To assess the crude and U5 mortality rate.

To assess morbidity affecting the U5 population in the last two weeks.

To assess Measles vaccination and Vitamin A coverage.

To assess feeding centre coverage in the camps.

B. Methodology

The target population included children 6-59 months. Two stage cluster randomised sampling methodology was used, with 30 clusters of 32 children each. In total 994 children were measured in the IDP camps; 998 in town. During the analysis, 6 records were deleted for incorrect measurements in the IDP camp survey and 5 in the town survey, leaving samples of 988 and 993 respectively for analysis.

Sampling of Households

The definition of a household was taken as all members of the house that eat from the same cooking pot. All eligible children within a household were included in the survey.

Every household selected was interviewed with the household mortality questionnaire, even if they did not have any children from 6 - 59 months in order to provide an estimate of crude mortality in the population.

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