Sudan: MSF hands over medical activities in Al-Hashaba transit camp

Khartoum, 05 January 2022 - End of December 2021, the international emergency medical organisation, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), has handed over its remaining medical activities in Al-Hashaba transit camp (also known as Village 8) in Gedaref state, Sudan, to Première Urgence Internationale.

Al-Hashaba transit camp, close to the border of Ethiopia, hosts thousands of refugees from Tigray. While originally it was meant only to be a transit camp, it has become semi-permanent and currently houses around 3,000 refugees.

Following an influx of refugees in early December 2020, MSF first began providing emergency healthcare, as well as support to the Ministry of Health care centre out-patient and in-patient departments, including; in-patient therapeutic feeding, sexual and reproductive health and mental health services. In early June 2021, MSF opened a reception centre inside the camp, providing outpatient healthcare, while also ensuring water and sanitation services.

Earlier this year, MSF had handed over some support activities of its reproductive health and nutritional program to Première Urgence Internationale, with its water supply, and water and sanitation activities, handed over to CARE international and Solidarité International in partnership with Première Urgence Internationale respectfully. All MSF’s remaining medical activities were handed over to Première Urgence Internationale by the end of 2021.

“The handover of MSF medical activities in Al-Hashaba transit camp does not mean the end to our activities in Gedaref state,” said Joachim Tisch, MSF’s Head of Mission in Sudan. “MSF remains committed to the people in the region, and continues to work in Um Rakuba and Al-Tanideba refugee camps, as well as Hamdayet transit centre, providing medical services to both Tigray refugees and local Sudanese communities.”

In Um Rakuba and Al-Tanideba camps, MSF medical staff run clinics providing basic and specialist healthcare, outpatient and inpatient care, including maternity, mental health services, vaccinations for children under 18 months and malnutrition treatment to Tigray refugees and local Sudanese communities. Additionally, MSF is supporting with water and sanitation, and operating an emergency water treatment plant to provide clean drinking water to refugees. In Hamdayet transit centre, MSF provides healthcare, including mental health activities and nutritional screenings, also to both Tigray refugees and local Sudanese communities.