Sudan Monthly Protection Update - July 2021


The overall security situation in Darfur, Eastern region, South Kordofan and Blue Nile States remained relatively calm though unpredictable and volatile in several localities. In South Kordofan, tribal conflicts and presence of armed individuals in military uniform around the displacement sites have increased compared to previous month. In South Darfur, security situation in Gereida and surrounding areas remains tense due to intercommunal violence and retaliation connected to the previous incidents. Tension in some parts of North Darfur, particularly Sortony and Galab areas was recorded. Armed hostility between SLAW and SAF "Al-Fouka" continued to be reported in Jabal Mara area (around Sortony). As result of fighting in Sortony, unknown number of IDPs were displaced within North Darfur and approx. 190 IDP HHs displaced into Central Darfur, seeking safety, assistance and protection services. The exact number of IDPs displaced from Sortony remains unknown due to access restriction. In West Darfur, intercommunal violence over land ownership between main Tama and Gimeir and Ora subtribes occurred in Kafani village of Serba locality. The violence expanded and involved members of the same tribes in Krenik locality and Salea town of Jabal Moon locality and caused displacement of 1,000 families to Azirni area of Krenik locality. The situation was also not stable in Central Darfur. While majority of the IDPs form Sortony fled to Rokero, Bulei, Dongala, and Sabanga areas, male youth from villages between Rokero and Sortony also fled to Kebkabiya and Rokero due to accusation of supporting SLA/AW by Al Fuka, after his forces reportedly launched patrols in Kurmey, Dongala, and Targei villages in North Jebel Mara locality to profile and arrest male youth IDP. The area also witnessed clashes between different factions of SLA/AW. During this rainy season, Blue Nile state has also witnessed intercommunal violence over access to land involving Arab and non-Arab tribes in Tadamon and Rosaries localities. During the reporting month, criminality has also increased, and isolated incidents affecting civilian population including IDPs, returnees, humanitarian workers, law enforcement officials reported throughout Darfur states.

Despite increase in the number of violence particularly in Darfur, the full formation and deployment of Joint Security Forces for protection of civilians is still pending. In locations where they are deployed, lack of organizational coherence between armed forces of JPA signatories and SAF/RSF reported. For instance, in Tawilla and neighboring localities when armed Arabs attacked farmers SAF troops did not react. Most of the IDPs would like to see Al Fuka stationed elsewhere or brought to justice. However, despites some efforts, he is controlling the situation in Sortony and continues mistreatment of displaced population.