Sudan minister offers support to British charity helping children in Darfur

Sudan's Minister of State for Humanitarian Affairs, Dr Abdel Bagi Gaillani, has praised a British-based charity for its work in the country's war-torn Darfur area. The Minister made a presentation to Patricia Parker MBE, founder of KIDS FOR KIDS during a visit this week to Khartoum, following the expulsion of 16 aid agencies from Sudan earlier this year. Kids for Kids helps families struggling to survive in worsening conditions in remote villages in Darfur by empowering families to help themselves.

Trustees of British charity KIDS FOR KIDS returned this week from Khartoum where they held high-level discussions to ensure that the help they provide for children in Darfur can continue and expand to further villages. "We wanted to be certain that we would have the support of all sides of the political spectrum so that we can agree a major 3 year programme" said Patricia. "People have been concerned that aid really will get through, following the expulsion of aid agencies."

Kids for Kids was invited to Sudan's Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, the department of the Government of Sudan responsible for all aid agencies, to discuss the work of Kids for Kids in Darfur. "I was deeply touched when the Minister, Dr Abdel Bagi Gaillani, made a presentation to me, to thank me for helping families in Sudan" said Patricia. "He asked me to continue our work and offered his full support to enable the charity to extend its help to more families. I was told that this is the first time such a presentation has been made to an overseas charity. I am now confident that not only is Kids for Kids welcome in Darfur, but I was told that our projects are being replicated by other organisations, including the UN's Food and Agricultural Organisation."

Kids for Kids was recently praised on Sudanese television by General Al Tayeb Abdel Rahman Mukhtar, former Governor of S. Kordofan, for "not just handing out aid, but for enabling people to help themselves". However it was not just Ministers who are helping Kids for Kids! Around 200 people attended a Reception hosted by British Ambassador Dr Rosalind Marsden, to offer their support to the organisation. Former Sudanese Ambassador to the UK, Dr Hassan Abdin, told guests that it was time for people in Khartoum to join with supporters of Kids for Kids from other parts of the world to help children living in Darfur.