Sudan: Military pressure will not force us to negotiate - rebel leader

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January 17, 2010 (PARIS) - Rebel leader Abdel Wahid Al-Nur condemned last week attacks by the Sudanese government in Jebel Marra and North Darfur adding such military pressure would not force his group to join the negotiating table.

The Sudan Liberation Army led by Abel Wahid Al-Nur (SLM-AW) last week ttok the control of Gulu in Jebel Marra in south Darfur saying it meant to stop repeated attacks and bombing by the Sudanese army. Also the government troops attacked rebel positions in Fruk in North Darfur killing 18 people as the assault occurred during the crowded market day.

Al-Nur rejects to join the peace talks asking the government to disarm its militias and to create suitable conditions for the return of the displaced civilians to their homeland. Recently he hailed the Qatari support to the ongoing efforts led by the Chief mediator to end the conflict, urging Doha to convince the government to stop bloody violence.

Our struggle is mainly motivated by will to protect their life and to provide them security, this why we have been asked international community to stop the genocide in Darfur, he said.

He further said the international community has still to stop the violence in western Sudan if it seeks genuinely to end conflict there.

"We will not surrender whatever it costs," he stressed.

Darfur mediation will hold direct talks between the government and rebel groups in Doha on January 24. Different rebel factions said ready to take part in the peace process, however the Justice and Equality Movement said it wants the chief mediator to limit the talks to the main groups who refused to sign Abuja peace agreement in 2006.

The Sudanese government said it might reconsider its position from the peace process if no agreement is reached till April, the date of the general election in the country.