Sudan: Mediation holds meeting with Dr. Ghazi Salahuddin in Doha

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Doha, Dec. 27 (SUNA) - In the framework of the Inclusive Peace Talks in Darfur, which were officially launched in Doha on 18 November 2009, H.E. Mr. Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Mahmoud, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the State of Qatar, and Mr. Djibrill Bassolé, the AU/UN Joint Chief Mediator for Darfur, held a working session in Doha today with Dr. Ghazi Salah Al-Din Attabani, Advisor to the President of The Republic of Sudan, and his high level delegation

A communiqué issued by the mediation said the meeting was held in order to exchange views on the peace process, in preparation for the next round of negotiations between the Government of National Unity of Sudan and the Darfuri Armed Movements which is scheduled to begin on 24 January 2010

Considering the necessity to involve the Darfur population in the search for durable peace, the Mediation thanked the Sudanese Government for facilitating the successful holding of the first civil society forum in Doha on 17 to 21 November 2009. The Mediation presented the outcomes and recommendations of that forum to the Sudanese Government delegation. In anticipation of holding a broader civil society forum in Doha, which would adopt a global consensus on peace, social reconciliation and socioeconomic development in Darfur, the Meditation urged the Government to take into consideration the aspirations expressed by the people of Darfur

Ahead of the planned peace negotiations between the Government of National Unity of Sudan and the Darfuri Armed Movements, the Mediation informed Dr Ghazi Salah Al-Din Attabani of the initiatives underway to unify the various factions. The Mediation also updated the government delegation on the ongoing efforts to unify the negotiating positions of the Movements which would allow for more efficient and constructive negotiations and create the conditions for a cessation of hostilities

The Mediation was briefed of the efforts of the Government to improve the security and humanitarian situations. The communiqué said in this respect, the Mediation strongly recommended that the Government do everything possible to create a climate of trust and a conducive environment for reaching a lasting settlement of the conflict, particularly in the areas of security and freedom of movement, as stipulated in UNSC resolution 1769 and the Goodwill and Confidence Building Agreement signed in Doha on 17 February 2009

Regarding the normalization of relations between Sudan and Chad, Minister Al-Mahmoud and Mr. Bassolé welcomed the visits of the Sudanese Presidential Adviser, Dr Ghazi Salah Al-Din Attabani, to N'djamena on 10 October and the Chadian Foreign Minister, Moussa Faki Mahamat, to Khartoum on 26 December 2009. The Mediation urged the Sudanese Government delegation to continue these efforts to restore confidence and to promote the normalization of relations with Chad, in the spirit of the agreement concluded in Doha on 3 May 2009 between Chad and Sudan

After being informed by the Sudanese Delegation about the ongoing electoral process, the Mediation expressed the hope that the ongoing peace negotiations will continue so as to enable all the Darfur population to partake in the April 2010 elections in a free and democratic manner. BT/BT