Sudan: Media Advocate condemns Court's decision to uphold pre-publication censorship law

The Advocate for the two Sudanese newspapers that appealed to the Constitutional Court against pre-publication censorship, Mr Kamal Omer, condemned the decision taken by the Constitutional Court on Thursday to reject the appeal of the two newspapers. Speaking to Miraya FM, Mr Omer said that such a decision is unprecedented and a violation of press freedom.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Journalists Union, Mr Muhidin Titawi, said the Constitutional Court is the highest authority in the land and its decisions are legal and final.

However, he says that the Journalist Union is against the pre-publication censorship and presses for a press freedom with commitments and responsibilities towards society.

Earlier, Al Shaab and Al Maidan newspapers filed an appeal to the Consitiutional Court against censorship whereby a security agent checks content before publication, but the appeal was rejected by the Court.