Sudan Measles Situation Report (Week 12 Ending on 22-03-2015)

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Sudan reported 86 cases of measles during week 12 bringing the total number of measles cases during 2015 to 924 cases.

Total number of deaths is 15 with (CFR: 1.6%)

The total number of outbreak localities increased to 27 localities in 13 states.
So far, 2023 suspected measles cases (with 924 confirmed) have been reported from 27 localities in 13 states of Sudan.

The number of measles hospitalized cases 610 including severe and complicated cases.
Darfur zone is the most affected zone of Sudan. North Darfur, West Darfur, and East Darfur States are of the most affected states. These three Darfur states reported 66.7% of measles deaths in Sudan. North Darfur 23 cases with 3 deaths (CFR: 13.0%), West Darfur 49 cases with 2 deaths (CFR: 4.1%), and East Darfur 44 cases and 5 deaths (CFR: 11.4%)

The measles outbreak spread rate rise again because of the spread of the outbreak wild virus in Darfur states. The outbreak started with a spread rate of 5.3 secondary cases per index case then declined t0 2.2 after the response immunization in Gedarif and Kassala states. The outbreak is spreading rapidly in Darfur states reporting 6.1 secondary cases per single index case.