Sudan: Major step to implement humanitarian law

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Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir signed a decree in February to set up a national commission on international humanitarian law. The commission's creation is a major step toward effective implementation of humanitarian law in Sudan, a country that has suffered 19 years of internal conflict. Its task will be to advise and assist the government in spreading knowledge of and applying international humanitarian law, and thus meeting its international obligations.

Effective compliance with the law requires that governments take a series of legislative, administrative and practical measures. They must adopt laws to ensure, for example, that prisoners of war, wounded and sick combatants and civilians benefit from the guarantees to which they are entitled.

The ICRC has long been actively engaged in promoting knowledge of humanitarian law in Sudan, together with the mechanisms for its implementation. The organization welcomes the new commission and will continue to provide advice and technical assistance to the Sudanese government.

Further information: Yahia Alibi, ICRC Khartoum, tel. ++249 11 476 464