Sudan Liberation Army/Abdel Wahid (SLA/AW) abducts 31 civilians traveling to Nyala Conference

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On Sunday 24th March, 2013 Abdul Wahid al Nour's Sudan Liberation Army (SLA/AW) abducted 31 internally displaced persons (IDPs), tribal leaders and activists. Those abducted had hired a bus from Zalingei to Nyala to attend a conference on voluntary return, organized by the Darfur Transitional Authority. Although they were accompanied by UNAMID forces, they were ambushed at Gumaiza, midway between Zalingei and Nyala, made prisoners by the SLA/AW and taken to an unknown place in Jebel Marra. All those abducted came from the Wadi Saleh region in West Darfur

Those abducted included:

Halima Omer Ahmed Zaroug- from Mukjar
Ibrahim Abu- from Garsila
Nagmeldin Sharif- from Dileij
Adam Bakur- from Bandasi
Adam Mohammed Abdalla- from Mukjar
Haroon Yousif- from Mukjar
Nasr Fadul- from Umdukhon
Fadul Yousif Abdelkareem- from Garsila
Hashim Khamis Adam- from Garsila
Sheikh Khamis- from Mukjar
Salwa Ahmed Hasballa- from Dileij
Mawolana Bakheit- from Mukjar
Ruman Sidig Gumaa- from Garsila
Kaltoum- (female) no place given
Ma'ada- (female) no place given

SUDO UK condemns the abduction of civilians and calls on SLA/AW to immediately release all abducted.