Sudan: Lessons Learned Workshop - Kurmuk Emergency 2008

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1. Introduction

During the rainy season 2008 particularly the inaccessible rural returnee communities in Kurmuk were affected by a food and health emergency. This emergency was addressed by a common response of UN agencies, NGOs, the local Government as well as UNMIS. In the aftermath the actors felt it would be useful to conduct a lessons learned workshop in order to discuss what went well and what could be improved in the future and how. The workshop was facilitated by the RCSO and hosted by UNHCR on 13 January 2009 in Kurmuk.

This report comprises the opening message, the background, the objectives, the methodology, the outcome and the recommendations of the workshop as well as further information in the annexes.

2. Opening Messages

In the absence of the Kurmuk Commissioner as well as the SRRC Commissioner, the HAC/ SRRC Deputy Commissioner opened the workshop with a short speech. He thanked the organizers of the workshop and he appreciated the role of the humanitarian actors during the response of the emergency in Kurmuk. Moreover, he stated that the locality is looking forward to hear the recommendations of the workshop.

The facilitator of the workshop, the Head of the RC Field Office in Damazine, also welcomed the participants and started the workshop with a presentation of the background by presenting the timeline of crucial events, the objectives and the methodology.