Sudan: Improvement of food security in Bor town and Makuach Payam

In Southern Sudan that for decades was an arena for one of the bloodiest conflicts in Africa, hunger was nothing extraordinary. Till now nobody has records on how many people have died in continuous hunger disasters occurring in the 80ties and 90ties.

Such data could not be collected in war tornned Sudan at that time. Aid agencies working in the South agree though that these numbers may be higher than those of killed. Massive displacements, draughts and civil war made Sudan one of the most food insecure countries in whole of Africa.

After signing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005, between waring parties millions of returnees from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and other regions of Sudan have started to arrive back home. Unfortunately, there is not much waiting for them. Years of conflict completely destroyed Southern Sudan's infrastructure. Simultaneously agriculture, the main source of food, remains to be severely underdeveloped.

Polish Humanitarian Organisation in cooperation with FAO will distribute seeds, tools and provide training to 1000 returnee's families and host populations. The distribution will cover Makuach Payam, where PHO implements land tenure programme (also with FAO) and Bor town.

Earlier this year PHO distributed fishing equipment in the villages along the Nile.