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Sudan Humanitarian Update 2nd Quarter 2011

Situation Report
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Preparations for the separation of southern Sudan on 9 July were the focus of the second quarter of 2011. 9 July also marks the end of the mandate of the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS).
Meanwhile, the UN Security Council has established new missions in South Sudan and in Abyei.
Independence of South Sudan

Following the referendum on the status of southern Sudan in January, in which 99 per cent of the 3.7 million voters chose independence, the second quarter of 2011 focused intensively on preparations for the independence of South Sudan on 9 July. The Government of National Unity (GoNU), established as part of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), has been dissolved and thousands of southern Sudanese employed as civil servants across all levels of government in the North have been dismissed and provided compensation packages. Southern Sudanese Ministers vacated their posts at the end of June.

9 July also marked the expiration of the interim period for the implementation of the CPA, even though there are several aspects of the agreement still to be resolved. The referendum on the status of Abyei, required by the CPA, as well as popular consultations in South Kordofan and Blue Nile states, were not completed during the second quarter. The referendum in Abyei was postponed due to disagreements between the parties to the CPA over voter eligibility. The popular consultations in South Kordofan were postponed primarily due to the scheduling of gubernatorial and legislative elections in April.
The subsequent i ghting in these areas in May and June places further doubt on when they will take place.

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