Sudan Humanitarian Fund – 2016 Allocation: Guidelines for assessing gender equality programming in the SHF proposals

Manual and Guideline
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The purpose of this guidance is to help SHF partners mainstream gender issues in the design and implementation of their projects. The guidance consists of two main sections; A) The gender marker coding and B) The gender review criteria. The SHF plans to roll-out the gender review process immediately after the project proposal submission phase. The SHF will conduct an orientation for SHF partners on this gender guidance. The process will include reviewing the gender components throughout the project proposal and accordingly correcting the gender code which has been selected by the organization. Furthermore, the review process will also result in sharing recommendations with SHF partners in order to strengthen the gender component in their project proposals. It should be noted that the gender blind proposals will not be recommended for the SHF funds in 2016 standard allocation. This year, the SHF technical unit aims, as much as possible, to increase the number of projects coded as 2 A or 2B.

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