Sudan: Health Resources Availability Mapping System (HeRAMS)

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HeRAMS (Health Resources Availability Mapping System) is a software-based information system developed by WHO to support the collection, collation and analysis of information on the availability of health resources in different areas and locations and by type of point of delivery and level of care. It aims to address the needs/gaps expressed by the health working groups on Coordination and Management, by providing timely, relevant and reliable information on the Availability of Health Resources in Crisis settings.

HeRAMS provides a tool for assessing, monitoring, and processing comprehensive set of available health resources data collected at health facility level. It covers; exact geographical location of the HF, type, functionality, building type, inpatient capacity, managing and supporting partners, health personnel, and health services provided at different levels of healthcare.

This report provides summary and analysis for the available health resources in Greater Darfur for the 1st quarter of 2010; considering key part of the parameters covered by the system.