Sudan Food Security Sector Dashboard (January - September 2018 Highlights)

Response Update

The FSL sector key needs during January – September 2018 include General Food Distribution [GFD], Food for Assets [FFA], emergency agriculture, livestock inputs, support services, and livelihoods training and start-up kits.

Key response during the period January- September: 2,371,096 beneficiaries were supported with GFD, 591,464 people with FFA plus 13,010 people benefited from assets being built by communities, 794,760 people assisted with agriculture and livestock based livelihoods inputs and support services, while 120,836 people directly benefited from preparedness plans developed.

Funding secured is 55% out of $186.9 million planned figure, of which $63.1 (34%) million secured for food assistance and $39 (21%) million for livelihoods support.

The number of people assisted across the SOs is 2,708,771 individuals under SO1, 1,050,184 individuals under SO2 and 132,211 people assisted under SO3.

As per the original HRP, the number of people in need was 4.8 M, revised to 6.1 M according to IPC May - July projection.

Before the economic crisis, 3.65 M people were originally targeted by the sector.

In this quarter, the overall figures of the response were calculated based on the original HRP 2018 planning figure.

To measure progress per SOs, indicators contributing to each SO were added up.