Sudan Food Security and Livelihoods Sector Fact Sheet [EN/AR]


Between 3.2 and 3.5 million people in Sudan will face stressed or crisis levels of acute food insecurity in the course of 2013.

Source: Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWSNET)


• The most vulnerable segments of the population—particularly long-term displaced people, female- or child-headed households and the elderly—are the hardest hit by food insecurity and limited livelihood resources.

• Seasonal migratory routes have been restricted by the closure of border points between Sudan and South Sudan, causing concentrations of millions of animals in areas ill-equipped to cope with the additional pressure on natural resources. This greatly heightens the potential for localized conflict and the spread of animal diseases.

• Coordination of food security and livelihoods interventions by national and international humanitarian partners is vital to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.