Sudan: Floods Flash Update No. 03 (8 August 2022) [EN/AR]


Initial reports estimate that about 28,000 people have been affected by heavy rains and flash floods in Central Darfur state over the past few weeks, according to the Government’s Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC), humanitarian partners on the ground, and other local sources. This includes 19,500 people affected by floods in West Jebel Marra locality, an estimated 5,355 people in Um Dukhun locality, 1,540 people in Wadi Salih locality, 930 people in Zalingei, 320 people in Central Jebel Mara locality, 250 people in Mukjar locality, and 65 people in North Jebel Marra locality.

At least six people died, and an unconfirmed number of people were injured when their houses collapsed due to the heavy rains or were washed away by the flash floods. About 2,800 houses were destroyed, and more than 1,620 houses damaged. Rains and floods also damaged 63 water sources, 73 wells, as well as an unconfirmed number of farms affecting people’s livelihoods.

About 640 latrines were washed away, including 400 latrines in Um Dukhun locality. Also in Um Dukhun, 223 shops were reported to be damaged by the rains and floods. HAC and humanitarian partners are working to determine the extent of the damage and the priority needs of the affected people in all affected locations.

Flood waters and pre-existing poor road conditions are restricting the movement of humanitarians to affected areas, thus hindering the identification of exact needs in areas such as Azum, Mukjar and Wadi Salih localities. HAC and humanitarian partners deployed teams to accessible areas to ascertain the impact of floods, verify the number of people affected and assess their needs.

Since the start of the rainy season in May, an estimated 38,000 people across Sudan have been affected by heavy rains and flooding. The rainy season usually lasts up to September, with the peak of rains and flooding observed between August and September. In 2021 no people were affected by floods in Central Darfur, whereas in 2020 about 25,600 people were affected.

According to the 2022 Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO), the population of Central Darfur State is 1.8 million people, of whom 1.3 million received some form of humanitarian assistance between January and March 2022.

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