Sudan: ES/NFI Cluster Common Pipeline Report, Q1 2017

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Shelter Cluster
Published on 31 Mar 2017 View Original


  • UNHCR manages the NFI Common Pipeline which is a source of reliable, predictable ES/NFIs to sector partners to ensure coverage of life-saving emergency shelter needs of newly displaced conflict and disaster-affected populations who have lost their household belongings due to events in their areas of origin or in areas of displacement in a more effective and efficient way.

  • Maximizing economies of scale, the Pipeline promotes supply chain efficiencies by reducing costs, avoiding duplication of efforts, standardizing items distributed, and thus promoting effectiveness.

  • The provision of these items has an important impact on the health and dignity of the beneficiaries by protecting them from the elements, thus mitigating health risks and providing physical protection (sun, rain and privacy), as well as safety.

  • UNHCR is responsible for procuring, warehousing and transporting stocks to partners at the location of distribution In Darfur and other areas. Partners are responsible for submission of Assessment Reports, Distribution Reports and Post-Distribution Monitoring Reports.

Key figures

  • 7,120 HH’s (35,600 Individuals)
  • 24,234 Males
  • 36,351 Females
  • 82 MT Transported by road
  • $ 0.5m Total value of the Items Beneficiary categories served