Sudan Embassy in Canada voices welcome to Canada's support to peace in Sudan

Highlighting Sudan Government's responsive attitude towards the positive Canadian initiatives to conduct a genuine dialogue and constructive diplomatic relations, the Sudanese Charge d' Affairs in Canada issued on 14.2.2000 the following press release:
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PRESS RELEASE: Sudan Welcomes Canada's Support to Peace in the Sudan

Sudan Embassay, Canada.

Release No. 02/00

February 14, 2000

We warmly welcome the diplomatic presence of Canada in Khartoum as it will enable the Canadian Government to further acquaint itself with the reality in our country. Diplomatic presence of Canada will also enhance the Canadian support for peace, and strengthen the ties between the two nations. The Government of the Sudan will do its best to see to it that a conducive atmosphere is created for the Canadian office, to enable it carry out its duties.

We highly appreciate the Canadian initiative to support the Committee on Abolition of Abduction of Women and Children.

Financial support is a practical and an encouraging step to end such practices. We warmly welcome Canada's choice to pursue a constructive approach.

In recognition to the support of the international community to attain a peaceful settlement to the conflict in southern Sudan, and in appreciation to the Canadian support to these efforts and its concern over human security, my government have welcomed, last week, Senator Lois Wilson, the envoy of the Government of Canada to IGAD peace talks, who was on a visit to the region, where she met the concerned parties, to assess the prospects and encourage the peace process. We also welcomed, last December, the Canadian envoy, Mr. John Harker to assess allegations of human rights in the Sudan.

Mr. Harker accomplished his mission in the Sudan without hindrance. He met whomever he wanted to meet and visited every location he wanted to visit.

We felt that Canada is keen in supporting peace efforts and it is following a constructive engagement. We have, indeed, opened our doors, wide, for Canada to ascertain its concerns.

We re-affirm our full commitment to work seriously to find a peaceful settlement to the conflict. We reiterate our Government's commitment to the IGAD initiative and the comprehensive settlement.

Abd Elghani E. Awad El Karim

Chargé Affaires

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