Sudan Education Sector WASH in Schools: Activity Prioritization and School Selection

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The Sudan Education Sector has adopted the below criteria as part of broader COVID19 mitigation measures to enable children to return to school and continue their learning in a safe and protective environment.

A. School Selection

  • Top Priority: Schools without water source and without latrine

  • 2nd priority: Schools without water source but with latrine

  • 3rd priority: Schools without latrine but with water source

Additional considerations for school selection

  • Schools with large numbers of students should be prioritized

  • Schools with high student to classroom ratios should be prioritized

  • Schools in areas with higher numbers of confirmed COVID19 cases should be prioritized but all schools without adequate WASH facilities and/or water should be supported as part of prevention measures.

B. Priority Activities

1. Provision of soap and water

i. Reinforcing or establishing a water source

ii. Establishing temporary handwashing stations

iii. Supporting community-led initiatives to bring water to school

iv. Water trucking

2. Cleaning, Disinfection, Sanitation

i. Provide COVID19-specific cleaning kits to schools

ii. Training of school management/personnel on cleaning, disinfection and waste management measures for schools

3. Rehabilitation/Construction of Latrines

i. Rehabilitate damaged latrines and/or construct new latrines in affected schools. All new construction should be done to universal design to accommodate children with disabilities