Sudan: Dr. Garand says Cairo agreement completion to Naivasha Peace Agreement

Cairo, June 18 (SUNA) - Chairman of Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) Dr. John Garang, has affirmed the importance of work together by all the people of Sudan toward promoting the comprehensive peace and boosting democratic transformation and building national unity. Addressing the signing ceremony of national reconciliation and comprehensive peace agreement between the government of Sudan and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Saturday in Cairo, Dr. Garang said that the current challenge to all Sudanese people is to make the unity an attractive option, especially between the north and south. He called upon the international community and Egypt in particular to contribute to the rehabilitation of south Sudan and the war-affected areas, calling on all the political forces to work according to a joint political programme, which includes all the Sudanese people from Nemuli in the far south Sudan to Halfa in the north. He explained that Cairo agreement is a completion to the comprehensive peace agreement of Naivasha, which was signed between the government of Sudan and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM), expressing hope that Abuja negotiations between the government of Sudan and the armed movements in Darfur will succeed to achieve a political solution to put an end to Darfur crisis. The SPLM chairman has praised the efforts which were exerted by Arab Republic of Egypt for the signing of Cairo agreement between the government and the NDA. AS/MO