Sudan: Development Operational Report (MAASD001)

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1. Executive Summary

Overall Project/Program Status:

In line with the overall goal of the 2013 development operational plan, the IFRC during the first part of the year continued to advocate, lobby and support the work of SRCS by actively engaging with Movement and non-Movement partners to support the implementation of the National Society’s 2011-2020 strategy in a long-term and sustainable manner.

Key Accomplishments:

During the reporting period, the IFRC Sudan Country office facilitated a process for implementing an upgraded financial system that was robust and capable of meeting the SRCS growing humanitarian service delivery. The IFRC facilitated the training of 28 finance and logistics staff of the Sudanese Red Crescent from HQ and 15 branches (including 12 female staff) on the upgraded financial system SAGE ERP 500.Jointly with the SRCS trained ToT, IFRC facilitated a workshop for the respective branch directors and senior managers at SRCS HQ on accessing and utilising the financial system to monitor financial transactions across the various programmes and projects.

With multilateral funding from the Swedish Red Cross, IFRC Sudan Country office supported the efforts of the Sudanese Red Crescent (SRCS) in seven targeted states through the national community health volunteers program (NCHVP) enabling them to reach up to 77,676 beneficiaries including 589 volunteers with knowledge and skills in providing basic first aid during emergency.

The IFRC country office with funding from USAID also enabled SRCS during the reporting period to reach a total of 68,727 beneficiaries with Health Care services as well as 85,532 beneficiaries with Watsan activities in Blue Nile and South Kordofan States under the Disaster Management Programme.