Sudan: Darfur team evacuated and mission on hold

We have been forced to suspend our healthcare programmes in Darfur due to fighting. Our international staff have been evacuated from the area until safe access is restored.

Dr Jerome Larche, head of mission in Sudan is very concerned: "We urge the Sudanese government and the UN to give us the security assurances required to re-enter the area immediately. Our assessment teams urgently need access before this already catastrophic humanitarian disaster gets any worse. In the meantime we are preparing for an emergency intervention."

The fighting in the mountainous area of Jebel Mara has led to a mass exodus, forcing 100,000 to leave their homes in the region. They are without access to food, water or healthcare.

We particularly condemn the looting of DOW's Feina health centre on 18th February which has deprived the community of its only efficient healthcare facility. Our foreign aid workers have been evacuated and concern is rising over the whereabouts of our local staff.