Sudan cVDPV2 Outbreak Response Situation Report, No.3 Week 40 Last Updated: 16 October 2020

Situation Report
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Situation overview

  • In total, 39 cases across 13 states have been confirmed in Sudan since the beginning of the outbreak. During this week three new L20B positive cases were notified (two from River Nile state, and one from Gazeria state) and sent to the Regional Reference Laboratory.

  • The cases have onset of paralysis between 7 March 2020 and 3 September 2020.

  • A total of eight environmental samples positive for cVDPV2 have been confirmed so far, all from Khartoum state with most recent collection on 9 August 2020.

  • The Federal Ministry of Health, WHO and UNICEF are working closely at all levels to finalize the budget for the outbreak response, with a focus on finding ways to close the current budget gap.

Campaign financing

  • Coordination continues between the Government, and country office, regional office and HQ levels of WHO and UNICEF to finalise the outbreak response budget, with an emphasis on filling the current budget gap.

  • Advocacy with donors is being explored to fully fund the campaign activities.