Sudan: cVDPV2 Outbreak Response Situation Report No. 5 (Last Updated: 28 October 2020)

Situation Report
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Situation overview

  • In total, 39 cases across 13 states have been confirmed in Sudan since the beginning of the outbreak.

  • The cases have onset of paralysis between 7 March 2020 and 3 September 2020.

  • A total of eight environmental samples positive for cVDPV2 have been confirmed so far, all from Khartoum state with most recent collection on 9 August 2020.

  • Preparations continue for the first vaccination round in response to the outbreak.

Immunization activities

  • The current plan is to vaccinate 8.6 million children under five twice in all 18 states of the country, using mOPV2 vaccine during November and December.

  • The team is considering how best to source and finance transportation for the campaign. Part of this consideration is informed by the current high cost of fuel in Sudan.

Vaccine management

  • Based on the cold chain gap analysis, the Technical team Identified 12 out of 18 states as having freezing capacity gap to accommodate campaign vaccine. The Federal Ministry of Health released 25 freezers to fill all identified gaps. A stock of eight freezers will be kept at the national level for emergency need.

  • As the first round of campaign implementation has been delayed, UNICEF have requested that the second delivery of vaccine is moved from the planned date of 8 November. The new date for vaccine arrival will be communicated with UNICEF Supply Division on 1 November 2020 based on the date decided for the second round implementation.

  • All vaccine management supplies have been released to the EPI warehouse except plastic bags. These will be released on 28 October 2020.

Disease surveillance

  • The Sudan polio programme reported 24 new acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) cases in week 42. The total number of reported AFP cases in week 42 was 537, of which 405 cases (75%) were discarded as non-polio AFP cases, 93 cases (17.3%) were pending classification and 39 cases are confirmed cVDPV2 (7.4%).

  • 6 L20B positive cases and 3 contacts were reported by NPL they are pending RRL.

  • Sudan’s annual Non Polio AFP rate is 3.4 per 100,000 under 15 years. It is 3+ in 14 states, between 2-3 in 4 states and the adequacy rate is 93.5%.