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Sudan Country Refugee Response Plan 2020 Mid Year Report


On January 2020, the Refugee Consultation Forum, co-chaired between UNHCR and the Commission for Refugees (COR) launched the first comprehensive refugee response plan covering the needs of the whole refugee population in Sudan, which includes South Sudanese refugees, Chadian refugees, Central African Republic (CAR) refugees, refugees living in urban settings and refugees living in East Sudan. This report covers the achievements from January to June 2020 from over 30 partners, including local and international NGOs, as well as UN Agencies, who contribute to the CRP 2020 plan.

While some progress has been made by partners to respond to refugee needs in Sudan the deteriorating economic conditions and the COVID-19 pandemic have further increased vulnerability.

The RCF produced an addendum to the CRP to respond to the new challenges and give the chance to partners to re-prioritize their appeal based on the emerged needs. In that light, this report also includes an overview of the COVID-19 response for refugees and information on the coordination structure used to respond to this crisis.