Sudan: Conflict & Displacement – Flash Update #1 East Jebel Marra, As of 4 February 2021



• Thousands of people fled their homes, 14 people were killed and another 10 wounded following a series of attacks between 24 January and 31 January on several villages in East Jebel Marra, according to community leaders.

• Initial information from IOM estimates that about 22,000 people have been displaced towards the mountainous regions of Sharg Aj Jabal. Additionally, between 350-375 people arrived in Mershing, South Darfur, from Feina village.

• The security situation in affected villages is tense and unpredictable.


On 24 January, an armed militia riding all-terrain vehicles, motorbikes and camels attacked seven villages in Beli Serif, East Jebel Marra (Falujah, Kebe, Rugla, Wastani, Khamsa Buyut, Hillat Abu El Gasim and Marra). Another attack occurred on 31 January in the area north of Katur forcing civilians in the area flee to Kutur and seek protection near the military base in Katur.

As of 4 February, it is reported that 14 people were killed and another 10 injured due to the attacks. Community leaders reported that houses were burnt, livestock, property, and local facilities looted.
There is a demonstration of IDPs in Katur, demanding the arrival of a senior government delegation to raise their concerns and grievances.

The Patients Helping Fund (PHF) NGO in Katur started the screening of the children under 5 years, lactating mothers and pregnant women. PHF is coordinate with SMoH and UNICEF to send additional nutrition supplies to the area.
PHF reported that about 1,000 people arrived in Shangil Tobay camps in North Darfur, including some protracted IDPs who went for farming. It is expected that some IDPs who displaced to Katur may move to Zamzam and other IDP camps in North Darfur.

Meanwhile, about 375 people have arrived in Mershing and there is expectation that some of the displaced might seek shelter in other camps in South Darfur.


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