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Sudan - Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #1, Fiscal Year (FY) 2018



  • USG revokes specific economic sanctions related to Sudan, GoS

  • GoS authorities secure release of abducted humanitarian worker

  • WFP provides emergency food assistance to 3 million people across Sudan in July and August


  • On October 12, the U.S. Government (USG) revoked specific economic sanctions related to Sudan and the Government of Sudan (GoS), following sustained positive actions by the GoS, including improving humanitarian access to government-controlled areas. The UN subsequently commended the USG revocation, while emphasizing the need for continued engagement with the GoS on further improving humanitarian access.

  • In mid-November, GoS authorities secured the release of an international humanitarian worker abducted in North Darfur State’s El Fasher town, international media report.
    Armed actors abducted the individual, a Swiss national, in early October near the person’s residence in the town.

  • Relief organizations, including USAID partners, continue to provide emergency health, food, nutrition, and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) assistance to conflict-affected people, particularly to vulnerable populations in newly accessible areas in Darfur Region.


  • In mid-October, the USG revoked economic sanctions related to Sudan and the GoS under Executive Orders 13067 and 13412. In a public statement, the USG cited sustained positive actions by the GoS since mid-2016, including maintaining a cessation of hostilities in conflict-affected areas of Sudan, improving humanitarian access, and cooperating with the USG to address regional conflicts and terrorism threats, as reasons for the sanctions revocation.
    The UN Country Team (UNCT) in Sudan released a statement commending the USG removal of the sanctions and recognizing actions by the GoS and other actors to improve humanitarian access across Sudan.

  • The UNCT also emphasized the need to continue engaging the GoS to support further cooperation on humanitarian and development interventions, particularly for vulnerable populations in conflict-affected areas of the country.

  • On October 8, the GoS announced an extension of the cessation of hostilities—previously set to expire in late October—for the Two Areas of Blue Nile and South Kordofan states through the end of December.

  • On November 15, GoS security forces confirmed the release of a Swiss humanitarian worker previously abducted in El Fasher, international media report. Unidentified armed actors seized the individual, who worked at the El Fasher Hospital, in early October near the person’s residence, according to the UN. As of November 23, GoS authorities had arrested eight suspects, while the search for others remained ongoing.