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Sudan Common Humanitarian Fund Annual Report 2012



In 2012, humanitarian needs in Sudan continued to be driven by a cycle of conflict, displacement and vulnerability. In the context of continued conflict and the protracted emergency in Darfur, as well as heavy fighting in Blue Nile and South Kordofan, humanitarian partners faced significant operational challenges limiting their access to affected people. In a climate of declining humanitarian funding, humanitarian partners had to pursue a constant drive for efficiency.

In 2012, CHF Sudan allocated US $76.8 million to 171 projects across Sudan. Darfur continued to be the largest recipient of funding, receiving 51 per cent of CHF allocations. The distribution reflects both differing levels of need across the country, and also low levels of access and limited capacity to deliver assistance in certain areas – particularly South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Abyei.

In an environment characterized by dwindling resources, the CHF remained a constant and vital source of humanitarian support in Sudan. With decreasing amounts of overall humanitarian funding to Sudan, the CHF in 2012 was instrumental in reducing the burden on individual donor offices and in coordinating the strategic delivery of humanitarian aid to meet the persistent humanitarian needs across the country.
For the implementing partners, the CHF remained one of the few stable and predictable sources of funding, allowing for the delivery of timely, continuous and critical support for humanitarian action.

Throughout 2012, CHF partners continued facing implementation and access challenges due to insecurity and access restrictions across Sudan. The 38 no-cost extensions and 42 requests for project revisions received are testimony to the difficult operational environment that persists in Sudan.


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