Sudan: Cease-fire in Darfur

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Sudanese President declared an immediate cease-fire in Darfur and called for a campaign to disarm militia which have been ravaging the western Sudan region of Darfur. He issued number of decisions in different components, following The Forum of the People of Sudan presented its recommendations to Bashir.

On security and state's prestige component:

Al-Bashir issued the following decisions and directives.

1. Providing comprehensive security services in the displaced villages through generalizing and enhancing society police and providing it with all necessary equipment to enable it to carry out its police roles effectively, and for the continuation of development and reconstruction efforts and lessening the dangers to which disarmed persons are exposed, I hereby announce our immediate unconditional cease fire between the armed forces and warring factions, provided that an effective monitoring mechanism be put into action and be observed by all involved parties.

2. Setting of immediate campaign to disarm the militias and restrict the use of weapons amongst armed forces.

3. Marinating the State's prestige and putting an end to unruly elements and spreading police forces to ensure safe routes and guarantee safe traffic between the three states of Darfur.

4. Empowering UNAMID to carry out is role effectively as set forth in the agreement of its presence through the range of the legal authorities afforded to it to keep peace and security.

On policies and options component:

The president came out with following decisions

1. We confirm our commitment of negotiations to reach peaceful solutions which guarantees the eradication of dispute though the integrated political handing of the issue in question in the context of the Sudan integrity, sovereignty and the requirements of the upper national interests.

2. Increasing the number of States in Darfur after negotiating with the concerned parties in the State and society and the formation of a committee to prepare for an urgent study over the different proposals and strike balance between them in not more that two months time.

3. Directing the States to reconsider localities in realization of cordiality and social peace and allowing the people to give hand in running their affairs.

4. Approving the principle of individual and collective compensations, provided that the concerned authorities conduct a thorough and precise inventory of the refugees and displaced, their categorization in big, medium and small families in preparations to support them taking into account the state's financial status and the appropriate time frame for paying the damages. The state has approved this year as much as SDG 40,000,000 to be completed in 2009 budget and the years to come.

5. The state is also committed in providing reasonable services in the field of education, health, water and call in the refugees and displaced rural settings.

6. Approving immediate cease fire, which is both monitored and well founded in confirmation of good will and the strength of commitment to realize peace strategy while announcing at the same time the cessation of media campaigns for a whole month to confirm the friendly spirits that accompanied this gathering in preparation for the suitable atmosphere for carrying out negotiations.

7. Forming a committee from the forum to contact non-signatory movements to call them to come and take part in peace negotiations.

8. Dispatching national delegates to Darfur states to spread good tiding of the consequences of the conference and the efforts exercised in to realize peace and reconciliation.

9. Creating bank portfolio to provide funds for the producers per as much as SDG 50 million. Development and Services.

On development and providing services component:

The president ordered to:

1. Proceeding with the completion of the Inqaz western highway and providing all the funds needed for its completion in two year's time, knowing that SDG704 million has been provided from the Chinese loan.

2. Commitment to connect the three states of Darfur with the high voltage electric line.

3. Confirming the digging of 685 wells in the three states of Darfur in the budget of 2009.

4. Providing modern technology to enable the refugees and displaced to build their shelters with good building material to realize peace, stability and safeguard the houses from any possible risks.

5. Confirming the construction of 139 basic and secondary schools in the three states to be funded from 2009 budget.

6. The construction of 45 hospitals, clinic centers in 2009 budget.

7. Rehabilitation of greater agricultural projects in the three states of Darfur that is Habila, Um Agaga, Saq Al Na'ama, Um Biadaha and the drought prevention and food security project for the purpose of making comprehensive agricultural development and providing food security for the citizens. Confirming the payment of SDG 73 million for water networks in Nyala, Fashir and Ginaina.

On dispensing Justice and realizing social peace:

The president said

1. We confirm our commitment to do justice and support its institutions to uphold its legal and moral duties.

2. Giving firm directives to the authorities concerned to abide by enforcing the law and applying the provisions on all in all positions irrespective of the positions they hold.

3. Establishing a national fund for paying blood-money (Dia'a) at a sum of SDG 100,000, in which the Federal state pays as much as SDG30,000, other states SDG10,000, and the remnant to be completed by the government of Darfur states and indigenous administrations and donors.

4. Commitment to reconciling tribes through what has been achieved in previous agreements and the completion of resolving standing disputes and be alert for the prevention of any fresh tribal disputes and forming a national mechanism to follow up the recommendations and resolutions of the previous and following reconciliation conferences.

5. Supporting the local administration and enhancing its abilities and empowering it by law in a way that strengthens its role in resolving disputes and realizing peace and social security.