Sudan calls on United Nations to focus on addressing root causes of conflicts

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Sudan Permanent envoy to the United Nations, Ambassador Da'afalla Al-Haj, has called on the the United Nations to address the root causes of the conflicts instead of their implications.

He referred to the large sums of money spent on peace-keeping operations such as the sum of three billion dollars being spent annually for the UNAMID.

This came during his participation in the unofficial meeting of the UN General Assembly at which the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon presented the priorities of his second office.

The UN Secretary General has focused on five major priorities, represented in comprehensive and sustainable development, human rights, accountability and conflict prevention, combating of natural disasters and humanitarian crises, the nuclear disarmament and the spreading of weapons and the enhancement of women and youth conditions.

Sudan Permanent envoy to the United Nations has commented on the address of the UN Secretary General on the spheres on he would focus on in the coming stage, and he lauded the role played by the Secretary General concerning mediation at conflict areas and called on him to intervene personally to help solving conflicts.

He expressed also the appreciation of the Sudan to the efforts being exerted by the United Nations in the Sudan.

The UN Secretary General underscored the importance of the issues came in the comment of Sudan envoy as well as his full agreement with him concerning the importance of addressing to the root causes instead of the resulting aspects.