Sudan Appeal: what WFP needs

Donor governments are urged to respond immediately to the UN appeal for Sudan:

  • Launched on 29 November 2000, the appeal calls for assistance to 2.5 million. including 1.3 million women and 460,000 children.
  • WFP needs US$106,470,689 to purchase 116,926 metric tons of food. These figures are almost double the number of people and tonnage required in 2000.

Sudan's Drought: symptons of a crisis in the making

Drought is a regular phenomenon throughout Sudan, but this year things are especially bad.

  • In Western Sudan, for example, wells, dams and entire rivers have run dry on an unprecedented scale.
  • Food prices continue to inflate, even after three-fold increases.
  • People are starting to move heading for towns, which are already running out of water.

Why is the 1998 tragedy threatening to repeat itself?

Failure of rains, combined with war, is the primary causes of the impending crisis.

Depletion of national grain reserves, which amounted to 600,000 tons in 1999, coupled with perpetual insecurity has also worsened the scenario of a potential disaster.

Finally, the inhabitants of drought-hit areas have no food reserves and have exhausted their coping mechanisms.

What WFP is already doing to help

WFP has ongoing food-for-work and school-feeding projects in Northern Darfur and Northern Kordofan:

  • As people migrate to towns fleeing food shortages, the enrollment of children in schools is expected to rise dramatically. School-feeding is being geared up in these areas, and decreased in locations where schools are closing.
  • WFP is also stepping up food-for-work water harvesting projects, to provide jobs and food to people that would otherwise be forced to move. The Programme may expand its emergency food-for-work projects, in cooperation with the Government and its aid partners.

WFP presently has a total of 300 staff working in the Southern Sector operation. At any one time, over 120 field staff are in southern Sudan assessing needs and organizing airdrops and food distributions.

Currently, the WFP airbridge in Sudan is being maintained by a fleet of 13 aircraft flying daily sorties.