Sudan: Ante Up for Africa donates $200,000 to construct DPDO high school

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DPDO is happy to announce that Ante Up for Africa has generously donated $200,000 to help construct Gangi High School in El Fasher, Darfur. Ante Up for Africa, founded by Don Cheadle, Annie Duke, and Norman Epstein, was created to raise money and awareness for relief efforts in Darfur.

In November, DPDO completed construction on a 280-ft. perimeter wall surrounding the high school compound. Construction on the main buildings will begin this month. The high school will feature six classrooms, two libraries, two computer labs, four teacher offices, dormitories, and a cafeteria.

In order for students to enroll for the school year beginning in May, construction must be completed by April. DPDO will enroll 460 students, many of whom were orphaned due to the Darfur conflict.

To complete construction, DPDO needs to raise an additional $100,000.

Please support education in Darfur this holiday season by donating to the Gangi High School Project.