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Sudan and Uganda agree on opening a new page for cooperation

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Khartoum, April 13 (SUNA) - Sudan and Uganda have agreed to open a new chapter for cooperation, intensification of meetings and support of peace process between North and south Sudan. During a two-day visit to Uganda, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Ahmed Karti handed a written message from President of the Republic Omar Al Bashir to his Ugandan counter part, Yoweri Museveni

Karti has told the Ugandan President Museveni that Sudan was keen to solve all pending issue such as Abyei question through peaceful negotiations to preserve the rights of both Misseiryia and Dinka Ngok, tribal groups in the area

Karti stressed, in his briefing to Museveni, that Sudan has not supported any southern Sudanese militia and that it was expecting the southern government to act the same way, saying Sudan wanted the Ugandan government to advice the government of southern Sudan to refrain from sponsoring and supporting rebel movements from Darfur

President Museveni, for his part, praised the wisdom of President Al-Bashir manifested in fulfillment of hid pledges in respecting the choice of the people of southern Sudan in the referendum, affirming his keenness to boost bilateral relations between the two countries

The Ugandan President underlined that Uganda would not allow sheltering of Darfur rebel movements or provision of any kind of support and protection, expressing his country determination to restore security, peace and stability in the Sudan. He added that the said movements should join the Doha negotiating Forums to put an end to the sufferings of the people of Darfur and not seeking a residence abroad

He asserted desire and keenness of Uganda to support peace process between the north and south Sudan, reiterating his country commitment to implement resolutions of the African summit on the support of peace process in Sudan besides cooperation with the international community to lift the sanctions and cancellation of the international debts on the Sudan

He pledged to work for bolstering African efforts to support Sudan to confront the so-called International Criminal Courts allegations against the President of the Republic

The Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Khalid Musa said that the visit of the Minister was successful by all means where the talks with President Museveni were frank and transparent a matter that lead to the removal of misunderstanding between the two countries

Musa added that Sudan appreciates the pledges made by the Ugandan President that he would tolerate any support or provision of shelter for the Darfur rebel movements in the south