Sudan: Agricultural harvest destroyed by floods in North Bahar Al Ghazal

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The minister of Finance in North Bahar Al Ghazal state Ajo Garange Deng revealed to Miraya FM that the strategic storage of sorghum has finished and agricultural harvest of this year have been destroyed by floods.

The minister said the situation is alarming and that a disaster and starvation night hit the state unless the government of southern Sudan, the national Unity government intervene with the NGOs by providing urgent food assistance to the affected people.

On the other hand, the increase in water level inTwic County has cut off Wunrock from Gogrial and Kuajok towns.

According to the Minister of Physical Infrastructure in Warrap State, Engineer Ayay Kon Akol, Kuajok Town has been cut of from Twic County by floods.

Akol added that heavy trucks carrying goods from the north have been lined up in Wunrock where bridge construction slope to allow flow of big volume of water.

Kuajok - Twic road is one of the essential economic roads supply Kuajok and Wau with goods from Khartoum.