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Sudan: 2016 Humanitarian Response Plan Review 1 Jan - 30 Sep 2016 [EN/AR]


An overview

The 2016 Humanitarian Response Plan for Sudan brings together 80 humanitarian partners to help 4.6 million people in need of emergency relief aid. Together these partners, of which 35 are national and 45 are international, requested US$952 million to provide multi-sectoral assistance across the country in 2016. Among the 5.8 million people identified to be in the greatest need of humanitarian assistance are 2.2 million who are internally displaced, 4.6 million who are food insecure and 1.5 million children under age five who are acutely malnourished.

There are four strategic objectives in the 2016 HRP that guide the activities of sector projects:

  1. Protect the lives and fundamental well-being of civilians affected by conflict or natural disasters

  2. Strengthen self-reliance and facilitate durable solutions, including through integration and voluntary return

  3. Ensure life-saving emergency relief is provided to the most vulnerable people affected by conflict and disaster

  4. Reduce food insecurity and malnutrition to below emergency levels

The strategic objectives aim to ensure coherence with needs assessment findings; emphasise cross-cutting issues, in particular humanitarian protection and resilience; enhance links between operational and strategic objectives; and facilitate multi-sector responses. Across the 10 sectors, 86 activity indicators were laid out in the HRP, providing the framework for response and monitoring efforts throughout the year.

This review covers the January to September 2016 period and indicates the humanitarian activities of partners across the country. The overview provides a summary of response efforts and helps identify gaps. Of the total 271 projects in the HRP, only 66 have received funding, leaving 205 projects (76 per cent of all projects) unfunded and thus not implemented as of end September 2016.

As of 30 September, the 2016 HRP had received $390.5 million in funding, amounting to 41 per cent of the requested requirement. Last year, the Sudan HRP was the fifth best-funded appeal globally. Humanitarian needs continue to grow regionally and globally, which considerably impacts the limited availability of funding for Sudan.

Key Figures

4.6 million Targeted people

4.6 million Food insecure

1.5 million Acutely malnourished children below the age of 5


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