Statement on bombing of Fraser Cathedral, Lui

News and Press Release
Originally published
On Friday, December 29, 2000 a Sudan Government antonov plane bombed Fraser Cathedral at Lui, destroying the building. Three days earlier, on December 26, a GOS plane had also bombed Lui, causing destruction to life and property. Indeed, for the last three years Lui and many other civil population centres have be come targets of sense less bombing by GOS planes.
Is Lui of military significance and hence a legitimate military target?

Except for the short duration when GOS had stationed its military units in Lui from 1995/96 - 1997, I know and categorically state herein that this place (Lui) has al ways been, and still is, a civil population centre best known for its religious and education life. It also hosts a church hospital of repute. By repeatededly bombing this civilian settlement, what objective is GOS pursuing? Is it the manifestation of calous disregard for the life of people whom GOS does not regard as 'quite human'? Or is this simply an act of senseless terrorism?

These acts of senseless violence and reign of terror against civilian populations must be treated with the contempt they deserve and their perpetrators condemned in the strongest possible terms.

I again appeal to the international community, especially the Organization of African Unity and the United Nations Security Council to restrain the Government of the Sudan from committing attrocities of genocidal proportions against the people of Southern Sudan and other war affected areas. It would a be shame on humanity in general and OAU, UN Security Council in particular, to watch, hands folded, while genocide is committed before their eyes. With the recent events in Rwanda, Indonesia and central Europe still fresh in mind, the international community cannot afford to stand by and allow a repetition of genocide.

I appeal to the universal Church to pray for the people of the Sudan in their time of need. I believe it is within your power and means to help bring a just and lasting peace to the Sudan.

I appeal to the World Council of Churches and the All Africa Conference of Churches to use their good offices to raise the profile of the Sudan situation and vigorously advocate for a quick, just and peaceful resolution of the longest war on the African continent.

Rt. Rev. Bullen A. Dolli
Bishop of the Diocese of Lui
Episcopal Church of the Sudan
Lui, January 2, 2001