Statement attributable to Carolyn McAskie, Emergency Relief Coordinator, a.i., on Sudan

The Emergency Relief Coordinator, a.i. is alarmed over reports of recent bombings in Sudan of civilian targets in Nuba, Yirol and Lui. These actions have led to the death and injury of innocent people, and have impeded the delivery of humanitarian assistance. She calls upon all parties to desist immediately from all measures that endanger the lives of civilian populations.
United Nations humanitarian agencies will be starting a second round of national polio immunizations later this month, as well as a mission to assess the conditions and needs of beneficiaries in previously inaccessible areas in Western Upper Nile. To this end, the Emergency Relief Coordinator a.i. requests the full cooperation of all parties to ensure that humanitarian operations will be carried out under safe and secure conditions.


UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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