South Sudanese killed by floods in Khartoum

from Miraya FM
Published on 14 Aug 2013 View Original

(14th August, 2013) - The South Sudan Embassy in Khartoum revealed that 12 South Sudanese citizens living in Khartoum have lost their lives due to recent flooding in the city.

The Embassy’s Secretary for Information, Gabriel Akot Deng, said the humanitarian situation is bad for South Sudanese nationals stranded in Khartoum, mostly in the areas of Shajara, Haj Yousif, Jebel Aulia and Ombada.

In an interview with Radio Miraya, Deng said the Sudanese government has yet to extend assistance to South Sudanese affected by floods.

He called on aid agencies for immediate intervention to rescue those affected.

The Information Secretary added that eight members of a South Sudanese family have died in a house collapse at Ombada in Omdurman.

He added the embassy has postponed a planned assessment pending notification from Sudan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding this issue.