South Sudan Emergency Situation - Sudan Update, 12 March 2014

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 12 Mar 2014 View Original


  • Conflict and instability continue in South Sudan, with over 700,000 IDPs in the country, including 75,000 in the UN Protection of Civilians sites. The conflict has also forced over 240,000 South Sudanese refugees to flee their homes and to cross into Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda.

  • Sudan continues to receive South Sudanese at the rate of approximately 350 per day, with arrivals entering White Nile State from Upper Nile State on a daily basis, and reports of further influx to South Kordofan fleeing Unity State in South Sudan. However, there is reportedly major congestion at border crossings caused by the influx, as well as the backlog of Government of Sudan registration at these points, which may account for the diminished rate of arrivals despite the ongoing conflict.

  • Documentation continues to be carried out by the Government of Sudan Passport and Immigration Authorities, and has now begun in the largest relocation site, Kilo 10, while continuing in the border crossings of White Nile State. Consequently the numbers in the camps have decreased for the first time since the crisis began, with substantial onward movement to Khartoum and other areas. Clarity of status provided by such documentation has yet to be provided by the Government of Sudan.

  • The health situation in the two relocation sites in White Nile state has improved due to ongoing interventions by WHO, UNICEF, MSF-E and partners in collaboration with the Government Ministries of Health and Social Welfare.