South Sudan: Current Activities July 2005

Since gaining its independence from Egypt and the United Kingdom in 1956, southern Sudan has experienced more than 40 years of civil war, causing the loss of more than 2 million lives and the displacement of over 4 million inhabitants. In addition, the already limited existing infrastructure in this isolated region has suffered almost total collapse, and the resulting economic decline has severely affected southern Sudan's capacity to develop. With the exception of short-term food and relief assistance, the region has largely been neglected, reinforcing the grievances that have led to years of conflict. As a result, communities in this region remain among the most disadvantaged and impoverished in the world.
In response, CHF International began implementing the Livelihoods and Income Revitalization Initiative for Mundri (LIRIM) initiative in December 2004. While the different counties in southern Sudan have unique needs and requirements, CHF International has identified the following four issues as the focus of the LIRIM program:

- Water Accessibility

- Road Repair and Maintenance

- Establishment of Community Centers and County Administration Centers

- Income Generation

This program is working to assist in the resettlement of internally displaced persons by enhancing their access to community development projects, and to reconstruct the local economy for the region's multi-ethnic population. Throughout the program, we are especially targeting women and young men for project activities.

CHF International is also implementing the Support Which Implements Fast Transitions II (SWIFT II) program in southern Sudan. In collaboration with Development Alternatives, Inc., CHF is managing small grants to mitigate potential sources of conflict, and supporting local organizations, as they increase their capacity to engage Sudanese citizens in a post-conflict setting.

SWIFT II will provide grants that can cover a wide range of initiatives, ranging from protection issues and civil society development, to infrastructure improvement and supporting growing county administrations in the south.

Income Generation Activities initiated by LIRIM

- Lulu nut collecting and processing

- Grinding mills

- Beekeeping and honey production

- Hotel and restaurant services

- Brick-making

- Establishing marketing - cooperatives

- Establishing producer cooperatives