South Jebel Marra death toll climbs to 5

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The death toll as a result of the air strike in South Jebel Marra on Sunday climbed to five. Reports from the region state that the bodies of two children, aged five and seven, were found on Monday in the area of Gorolombay.

A witness revealed to Radio Dabanga that the area of South Jebel Marra was exposed to 'heavy bombing' on Sunday by the Sudanese Air Forces (SAF). Besides, the witness continued, government planes flying over the area from Monday morning eight o'clock until three o'clock in the afternoon, without dropping any bombs. He added that among the affected areas are Yama, Nabagay, Hillat Jallaba, Hillat Touro and Gorolombay.

The witness explained that the 'heavy bombing' resulted in the death of two children, aged five and seven, as well as the death of dozens of livestock. Sources informed Radio Dabanga that the areas bombed by the SAF are the areas where people fleeing from Golo, Terjou, Singo, Tringa, Sironog, Jeldo and Gerny are currently residing. They pointed out that the area of Gorolombay, at about 75 kilometers from Kass, is the area where most of the newly displaced fled to.

"Toxic bombs"

On the other hand, the witness revealed that the shells used during this air strike in South Jebel Marra are different from the shells used in previous bombings. He added that the shells cannot be seen 'with the naked eye'. Also, he claimed, the shells leave white ashes after exploding and its residue causes diarrhea and eye infections among children, miscarriages among women as well as death of livestock.

He revealed that 12 children have died as a result of the residue, all younger than five years of age. In addition, reports claim 10 miscarriages and the spread of eye infections and blindness among children as a result of the bombings.

He added “ the child's eyes are open but he can't see a thing”. And revealed that diarrhea is spreading rapidly among the newly displaced.