South Darfur woman raped and murdered

KALMA CAMP (11 Jun .) - A woman from Kalma camp near Nyala was raped and then gunned-down by militiamen on Tuesday.

The coordinator of the camp, Jaqoub Mohammed Abdallah, told Radio Dabanga that Kltoma Mohamed Ibrahim and her aunt left the camp to collect firewood. Six militiamen in military uniform riding camels attacked them.

“One woman managed to escape, but they pursued and caught Kltoma,” he said. “One of the militiamen then raped her. When she tried to escape again afterwards, the militiamen opened fired. She was killed by three bullets to her back. The displaced retrieved her body, and she was buried on Wednesday.”

The coordinator appealed to Unamid and the international community to urgently provide protection for the displaced in Darfur, pointing out that the situation has grown steadily worse since 2003.

As reported extensively by Radio Dabanga, rape and violence against women is an almost daily occurrence throughout Darfur. Many of the assaults occur while women go about the essential tasks of collecting firewood or tending crops. Last week, Radio Dabanga reported that a total of 39 displaced women and girls from Kalma camp were victims of rape during April and May 2014.