South Darfur orders disarmament of tribes

South Darfur State ordered the tribes to be disarmed of any heavy weapons on Sunday, and announced the formation of a committee to probe the recent clashes between Salamat and Fellata in Buram locality.

In a statement, the state's security committee reported 25 killed and wounded during the fighting in Nadhif and Amud El Ardeba. The committee pledged to arrest and hold those involved accountable.

It further said that measures are being taken to curb tensions by sending military support that may prevent a recurrence of the fighting.

On 14 February, clashes broke out between Fellata and Salamat in the area of Nadhif near El Malwi, resulting in an unknown number of dead and wounded. “The problems began more than two weeks ago, when Fellata accused Salamat of stealing 52 of their cows in Shergeila, southwest of Gereida,” Fellata Chief Yousef El Samani told Radio Dabanga.

The Fellata and Salamat signed a peace treaty in September last year, after recurring clashes between February and August left 205 people dead and dozens wounded.