South Darfur - Nyala: Market Assessment, March 2013


The first part of the analysis relies on secondary data, including WFP reports and relevant background literature, cereal balance sheets, production data and price time-series. Additionally, primary data collection was undertaken, following a field visit in October 2012, to develop questionnaires to analyse different markets in town, and assess traders in the specific, so to provide an overview of Nyala trading environment. The final section tackles cost comparison between food baskets delivered by means of different transfer modalities in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Market assessment findings and recommendations will be followed-up by a Technical Committee that includes WFP, the State Ministries of Agriculture & Forestry (SMoAF) and of Finance (SMoF), and the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) to evaluate and eventually address reasons of concern related to possible drawbacks of market-based interventions in vulnerable IDPs camps close to Nyala, and avoid negative trickle down effects in the town markets. Awareness meetings with IDPs chiefs and population will set the stage to potential market-based interventions.