South Darfur food shortage 228,000 tons, East Darfur 175,000 tons

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The South Darfur Minister of Finance has estimated the volume of food shortage in the state at 228,000 metric tons. The food gap in East Darfur has been estimated at 175,000 metric tons.

After a tour of the South Darfur State localities, Minister of Finance Dr Mohamed Adam stated to the press on Thursday that the estimated volume of the state’s food gap is 228,000 metric tons. “Reserves stored in the capital Nyala count for 90,000 metric tons only.”

The chairman of the Committee for Agricultural Affairs at South Darfur State’s Legislative Council, Dr Mohamed El Amin Abu Jiha, described the food gap as “serious and disturbing, and requiring rapid intervention by the state government”.

East Darfur

East Darfur’s Humanitarian Aid Commissioner, Mohamed Barsham, said on Thursday that a social survey conducted in the state, confirmed that there are no food stocks, neither individually or collectively. The estimated food gap in East Darfur is 175,000 metric tons.

He appealed to national and international humanitarian organisations to contribute in overcoming the food gaps in Darfur.