Series of militia attacks in Darfur

from Radio Dabanga
Published on 09 Sep 2013 View Original

A series of militia attacks last Saturday in Darfur left one person dead, several wounded, and cars and fuel tankers were stolen. Few kilometers south of the town of Girayda in South Darfur, Mohamed Harran was killed while his colleague, Jug Abubakir Jur, was critically injured.

A group of 20 militiamen on horses opened fire on the two displaced men, who were collecting firewood just 14km south of Girayda. A witness told Radio Dabanga that Jug Abubakir had to be transferred to Nyala hospital.

Relatives notified the police in Girayda, but they told Radio Dabanga that they refused to move to the place where the incident took place. According to the witness, the police explained they will not track down and prosecute the perpetrators.

On the same day, militiamen attacked Abu Suruj camp in West Darfur injuring six internally displaced persons. The attackers started beating and flogging some of the farmers with the back of their guns. Subsequently, nomads riding camels stole the belongings of the displaced.

The victims were transferred to Abu Suruj hospital, but the staff told them to go to Nyala hospital for proper treatment.

According to one of the witnesses, the displaced people told the officials that after the attack they had no money left and were not able to pay for transport of the serious wounded people. The relatives asked for support from the local government requesting them to arrest the perpetrators.

Police officer wounded

Also on Saturday, a man was shot in Nyala during another raid by one of the militias. The men robbed several people, taking their mobile phones, money, and other possessions.

The police was notified by witnesses and rushed to the crime scene to arrest the robbers. During the clashes, one police officer was seriously wounded and brought to Nyala hospital. His colleagues managed to arrest one of the attackers. They took his gun and put him in jail.

Almost at the same time on Saturday, armed men stole two commercial fuel tankers in Zalingei, capital of Central Darfur, that were moving from there to Nyala.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that they also stole a four-wheel drive car moving from Niertete to Zalingei. From the attackers no trace was found.